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D.M. Simmons is an award-winning, Amazon Top 5 author. She is passionate about creating stories that take your mind for a ride, and your heart for a workout with strong FMCs and flawed MMCs that make your heart race, mind itch, and skin burn for more!

Fascinated by worlds filled with magic, chaos, epic tales, and palpable tension, readers are guaranteed to fall hard and fast for her fun, fetching, and fantastical worlds. Be it spice, suspense, or epic slow burn, D.M. is a creator of lush worlds and swoon-worthy stories that leave you gasping, and your jaw dropping. She loves I to write about the impossible running amok in our world, so there may be supernatural or paranormal events and beings in her stories. She also loves a good trope and is inspired by the good, bad, and mad qualities of epic book boyfriends. You can expect to fall for her guys, hook, line, and sinker, whether it is the boy next door, or the demon down the street. If he's got swagger and sass, he's going to make your toes curl, mind race, and heart racing for more!

When she isn't writing, D.M. can be found listening to music, binge-watching shows, reading, running her kids around, creating mood boards and playlists, and wondering where the time goes. She loves a good coffee, a great song, and all things Autumn, and wishes time was infinite. 

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