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Set in the fictional town of Lake Haven, Maine, examines the complexities of love and loss among childhood friends after a tragic accident claims the lives of three, while leaving two behind. Recipient of a Gold Metal in the Reader's Favorite International Book Awards.


EVOKE (#1)

Time and distance can test any friendship. However, Laney Thomas believes she and her friends are the exception. It has always been the five of them – Lisa, Evan, Caleb, Timmy, and her – and nothing will change that. Not even college.

When the friends come home for their last summer together, the bond they've shared since childhood, is strong as ever. But when Laney wakes up two-months later and learns she is the only survivor of a car accident that has claimed the lives of Caleb, Lisa, and Timmy, Laney realizes the world she has awakened to, is not the one she remembers.

One thing that hasn't changed is Evan, the only friend not in the car that night. As long as he is by her side, the grief won't swallow Laney whole. But when Evan disappears without explanation, Laney is forced to navigate her new world alone – haunted by the stark reality of the present and memories of the past that reveal painful truths of the friendship she always cherished.

Set in the fictional town of Lake Haven, Maine, EVOKE examines the complexities of love and loss, and the friendships that forever change us.

RAVEL (#2) 

It’s been two years since the accident that claimed the lives of three friends and stopped her heart. But when the truth brought Laney Thomas back, something followed.

Together, Laney and Evan have moved forward from the night that changed their lives forever. They finished college, moved back home, and started the next chapter of their lives. But shortly after being back in Lake Haven, they began. Nightmares. Ominous sleep stealers of never-ending darkness, that plague Laney’s dreams, threatening her happy ever after.

But darkness, is never just itself. Something is always hiding in its shadows. And while the truth may have saved her once, the consequence of that night could be too hard to escape this time.

RAVEL is the second book in the Lake Haven series. It dives deeper into the world of EVOKE, exploring the impact of moments that change us, loves that consume us, and decisions that forever haunt us.

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