Short Stories

Fiver cover.jpg

FIVER is a YA/Supernatural Romance story featuring Stef and Fiver, a couple that crave each other hard and kick zombie butt even harder. Set in the English countryside during a Zombie Apocalypse, it was one of 21 stories included in charity anthology, THE NEW NORMAL, a collection of tales of suspense, horror, humanity, and the relentless living dead!  Read here

Risers cover.jpg

RISERS is a YA/Science Fiction Fantasy story about a girl named Serena, one of 1,200 teens living in Exeter, an underground facility on a strange planet with a sinister connection to Earth’s end and mankind’s survival. It was one of 35 stories included in charity anthology, BENEATH THE TWIN SUNS, a collection of stories set on the planet, Coplahee. Read here.


ELEMENTS OF VENGEANCE is an urban fantasy short story series that combines medieval legends and supernatural forces alongside the modern world.  The centuries long blood feud between two warring factions -- one mortal, one immortal -- is at the heart of the series. Perfect for fans of Assassin’s Creed, Underworld, and Last Airbender. Series is character driven, following Anna, an Alchemist and lethal hunter, driven by a desire to eliminate their ancient enemy, descendants of The Knights Templar, from existence. Transporting readers from the streets of modern-day Seattle to the muddy riverbanks of New Orleans, the series is daring, sexy, vibrant and magical. Read "Hunter" (Part One), and "Commander" (Part Two)