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Quoted in The Book Bratz Series, "Why Adults Read YA"

One of my favorite book series as teen was Sweet Valley High, and Judy Blume's Forever was the first book that really spoke to me as a young woman. And I would be lying if I said my Netflix watch list wasn't full of YA shows, because yeah, it is -- and my TBR list wasn't chalked full of YA books.

Not much has changed over the years. I am in my mid 40s, and I still love YA stories. And not just those where love is at the core. Of course, YA stories often have a crush or relationship dynamic that is either at the heart, or core to the story, but that is because YA books target readers from age 12 to 18 -- years of incredible self discovery and development -- when we are learning what we like, who were are attracted to, and what speaks to our heart.

YA is an audience. It is not a genre. And I don't just love YA love stories, but all types. However, I am particularly fond when there is a love dynamic that is central to the story. A love that burns hot and fast, forever changing the character(s). I won't deny it. And I'm not ashamed.

I find YA great fun to read, write and watch, whether set in present day, a dystopian future, or in a supernatural world, and shared my passion for this very subject in an article last year on The Book Bratz called "Why Adults Still Read YA."

Check out the article and let me know, do you love YA? And why! Spill the tea.

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