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Short Story "Want" is a Top 10

Life is complicated. And love, often, even more so. It can inspire some of the most breathtaking and crazy stories. From unrequited love, to the taboo -- the "totally wrong, but why are we rooting for this couple" kind of stories. (Offred and Nick, anyone?)

Last fall, I wrote "Want", a short story published under a pen name, around a couple that were perfect in every way except one - they belonged to other people. Writing the story at first felt naughty. But as I typed, it was actually a good tool to help practice writing about passion and desire. It's natural when reading, to want to "get to the good stuff." But as we all know, the build up is often as delicious, sometimes even better, as the "good stuff." Through the build, it's important to show, not tell. And knowing where to draw the line in what you do show, is often dictated by the genre in which you are writing.

"Want" was really fun to write and it turns out, despite having been published towards the end of the year (October 2018), it was one of Bellesa's 10 most popular erotic stories in 2018 (it was #3!). While I was originally shy at publishing it, I am very proud of it and really appreciate the team at Bellesa, especially its lovely editor, Queen Jayne. She believed in me and the story and encouraged me with really wonderful suggestions and support. I can't wait to author more stories in that community that embraces women and their sexuality without judgment or fear.

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