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Short Story "Risers" Featured in Charity Anthology

I am very excited to have my story "Risers" featured in a great new charity anthology, BENEATH THE TWIN SUNS. Edited by Renee Gendron, it is a collection of Science Fiction Fantasy stories and includes work from 35 authors spanning time (past, present, and future) and genre. All proceeds benefit the Red Cross, in support of front-line workers around the world.

"Risers" is a Young Adult, Science Fiction story about a girl named Serena, one of 1,200 teens that call Exeter home, an underground facility on a strange planet with a sinister connection to Earth’s end & mankind’s survival. I was inspired to write the story, both because of these crazy times we are living in, and out of my love for science fiction.

You can read "Risers" FOR FREE here.

BENEATH THE TWIN SUNS can be purchased now on Amazon.

ABOUT THE ANTHOLOGY (from the editor, on Amazon):

IN MID-MAY 2020, I put a call out on Twitter’s #WritingCommunity for participants in a shared-world anthology. Most anthologies have a common theme, but I wanted to see what talented authors could come up with given the same shared parameters. Thirty-five authors answered the call and contributed to the anthology. Authors were asked to contribute a story within these genres: mystery, fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, or romance. The parameters included the stories take place on the same planet, and each story contains at least one element, small or large, of romance. All writers were directed to have a happily-ever-after or happy-for-now ending. The planet’s name is Coplahee, although different cultures may call it something else. The star system has two suns: one red dwarf called Harcnor and one yellow giant named Armad. The twin comets of Veleye appear every eighty-six years. There are four planets in the star system: Alet, Soma, and Minoma, but only Coplahee is inhabited. Coplahee has three moons: Taslin, Bocaslin, and Jocaslin. The stories in this anthology are arranged in such a way as to provide the reader with a history of Coplahee and its inhabitants. The anthology uses British spelling. Depending on the English you are used to reading, some of the words may appear to be misspelled. All proceeds go to support the International Red Cross.

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