EVOKE Now Available on IndieBound

I am very proud to announce that you can now buy EVOKE (Lake Haven, #1) at your local bookstore via IndieBound.

Indie bookstores have suppported indie writers like myself, for generations. They are vital to our communities. Choosing to shop at local, independently-owned bookstores, means that dollars, jobs, and taxes remain in your community. And, IndieBound was created for this very purpose: to support local bookstores.

Shopping for EVOKE on IndieBound is easy. How it works:

  • Visit EVOKE on IndieBound

  • Review list of bookstores near you on the right

  • Click store of choice

  • Add to cart

  • Buy

  • Select ship to home or in-store pick up

  • It's that easy! And, if there is not a store in your area, you can buy through IndieBound online. Simply click Bookshop under list of stores (big purple button) and buy online.

Also, you can visit your local bookstore in person and ask them to order EVOKE. How it works:

  • Go to your local bookstore

  • Give them title, author, and ISBN (EVOKE, D.M. Simmons, ISBN 978-1737630203).

  • IMPORTANT: make sure to use this ISBN and not just author name and title. There are old copies of EVOKE under another publisher which are no longer available.

Here's a great blog post on Little Infinite on How to support indie bookstores online.

Thank you for supporting indie writers like me, and local bookstores!