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Short story "Fiver" Featured in Charity Anthology

I am very excited to have my story "Fiver" featured in a great new charity anthology, THE NEW NORMAL. Edited by Nikki Mitchell, it is a collection of 21 original tales of suspense, horror, humanity, and the relentless living dead!

"Fiver" is a YA/Supernatural Romance story featuring Stef and Fiver, a couple that crave each other hard and kick zombie butt even harder. It is set in the English countryside during a Zombie Apocalypse.

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ABOUT THE ANTHOLOGY (from the editor, on Amazon):

A virus races through Earth and warps the humans in its path into flesh-eating zombies. Zombies or Munchers. Shamblers or Zombs. No matter what you call them, a bite or scratch is all that it takes. Some turn quickly, for others it takes days. Some can spring, others shuffle along. But one thing remains the same: a blow to the brain is the only thing that destroys them.

Amidst the pandemic of 2020, a group of 17 authors aided by the help of the ever-present Twitter, decided to band together to cope with the new normal that had become their lives. Thus, the zombie anthology was born.

An anthology of various zombie fiction, the authors were given three linking components: the setting is Earth, a virus created zombies, and they can only be killed by targeting their brains. The rest was up to each individual author, to interpret as they desired.

Within this collection, you will find unique takes on the zombie short story, from the perspectives of survivors as well as the zombies themselves. You will find stories rooted in humour, stories that will yank on your heartstrings, and stories that make you question your own existence. Lose yourself in a world where your biggest fear is staying alive--and not zombified!

All profits will be donated to the World Federation for Mental Health.


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